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Video Production & Marketing

Get More Clients and Make More Money with a Professional High Definition Video

High end video on your website can increase conversion ratios dramatically. It will make your business look like a Fortune 500 company and persuade your prospects to choose you over your competition.

Using the best high definition cameras, high definition lenses, camera cranes for dramatic shots, professional spokespeople, and gorgeous million dollar sets in North America (in fact, the same cameras, lighting, talent, and sets that we use in our $100,000+ national commercials), we’ll produce a custom HD video for you for a great price.

Yes, we can do that for you, with absolutely no work on your part. We’ll write your script and grab your images from your website.
Here’s how it works:
1. Create

We help you shoot a video and edit it for you.
2. Publish

We will get your video on YouTube, Facebook, and your own website.
3. Promote

Announce your video on Twitter, Facebook, and in your email campaigns.
4. SEO

We will rank your video on the first pages of Google for “buying keywords” for your industry.
5. Track

We will measure your success and optimize your results with advanced analytics.
Online video can be used for marketing your brand in various ways including:

Increase brand awareness

Content creation

Position the company as a thought leader

Improves your SEO also known as “search engine optimization” (move you up the rankings of a Google search and maybe even get you on page one where 90% of all clicks to search results happen)

Improve views to press releases by 500%

Improve call to action responses for event registration, whitepaper download, webinar sign up and product service/trial

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