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Mobile Web Design

iMeidaLocal’s Custom Design is everything you need to position your business for ongoing growth in the years to come. The Mobile and Social Media Revolutions are here to stay, and any resistance to them is futile and will only hurt your business. The popularity and growth of Mobile and Social Media is exploding at an exponential rate and you know NOW is the time to get on board, or be left behind. iMediaLocal‘s Custom Design is the complete package that will put you ahead of your competition and will increase your customer base.
Our Custom Design Package Includes:

Mobile Website Design

Pages: You receive 4-5 page mobile websites, that will fit any display(no matter if its iPhone, Blackberry, Android or any other smartphone).

Custom Graphics: We Design/Re-Design Your Header to match the screen resolution of the mobile device (Header Size Change According to the target mobile phone resolution)

Mobile Friendly Videos: Do you have videos on your website ? We will take them and make them in mobile friendly format with less size to suit bandwidth.

Call Buttons: We will make the business number clickable so when visitors click on it , it calls your number.

Sitemap: We will make a sitemap of your Mobile Website.

Google Maps: We will include a map of your business location.

Content: We will include your current site content in a good and mobile friendly way.

Forms: Do you have a form on your website ? Dont Worry.. We will take care of it and make it work on your mobile site.

Redirection Scripts: We will install a mobile redirection script on your website so if a mobile browser is detected, visitors will be auto redirected to the corresponding page on your mobile site.

Fast Turnaround: Our Turnaround Time is 2-5 Days [Most Sites are Finished in Less than 72 Hours]

FREE Installation: We will completely set up and install your new mobile optimized website.